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Training for working at heights at the client's workplace

Flexible and effective employee education. Training is tailored to your needs and timescales with minimal impact on work activities.

Training for working at heights at the client's workplace

Our team of instructors passes on experience to workers at height not only at Polygon, but increasingly also at the client's workplace. This offers you a unique opportunity to train your employees at their place of work with minimal impact on their work activities.

Mostly this involves training people who are responsible for the maintenance of equipment and buildings. On-site training is usually customized in both scope and time.


Our team of OH&S specialists for working at heights will go through the site with the site supervisor, the OH&S technician and the technician who is on site at heights. Together they will review the movement locations at height. They then analyse the risks together and develop a measure, from which the training content for each employee is then developed.

If you are interested in this type of training, it is best to contact our training administrator, Andrea Stojanova, and she will be happy to provide you with further information or available dates.

Polygon Team.