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We listen to what you tell us. And we will find a solution for every issue. Polygon Singing Rock offers a comprehensive professional solution for you, your team or your worksite.

Polygon Singing Rock team consists of leading experts with a broad range of expertise in the world of OHS for work at heights, above free depth and in confined spaces. Our team experience will guarantee you the ideal health and safety solution for work at height.

Our comprehensive solution offer includes

  • Consulting services
    Visiting your operation or site where people are working at heights, above free depth or in confined spaces. A comprehensive view and resulting procedures, risks, training, PPE, extrication and other measures.
  • Risk analysis
    We will analyse the risks at your worksite with you and propose the necessary measures to protect the life and health of your employees.
  • Working and technological procedures
    We will draw up specific work and technological procedures for each activity. The procedures usually combine all the technologies available to enable safe movement and work at heights, above free depth, in confined and enclosed spaces.
    Provision of collective protection, fall arrest using fall protection PPE, work position demarcation and positioning, rope access, workplace OHS and more.
  • Anchoring personal protective equipment
    We will suggest suitable locations for anchoring PPE.
  • Design and implementation of arresting systems
    Collective protection and fall arrest systems for flat roofs of new and existing buildings, industrial and manufacturing zones. Design of suitable system, installation, initial inspection, documentation drawings, periodic inspection.
  • Tailor-made periodic and special training
    We offer suitable OHS training for your management and general staff, OHS technicians with a specific focus on your workplace, work, procedures and risks.
  • Design of appropriate fall PPE
    We will design suitable fall PPE for your employees.
  • Evacuation, evacuation from height, depth, confined and enclosed spaces
    We will develop rescue procedures for extrication and evacuation.
  • Evacuation and rescue kits
    We will recommend, design and build an evacuation kit according to rescue plans and risk analysis.
  • Periodic and special training for evacuation and extrication
    We will train your employees with specific evacuation kit for extrication and evacuation from height, depth, confined and enclosed spaces.
  • Periodic inspections of fall protection PPE
    We will provide you with PPE records, periodic PPE inspections, refills and replacement of discarded PPE.
  • Periodic inspections of fall arrest systems
    We provide periodic inspections of simple and complex fall arrest systems.
  • Tensile testing of anchor points
    We will test the strength of your anchor points for securing persons for work at heights.
  • Lecturing
    We prepare lectures and presentations for high schools, colleges and industry conferences.

If you are interested in our consulting activities, do not hesitate to contact us