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Support for vocational training of employees II

Take advantage of the POVEZ II project and get subsidies for training your employees for work at heights, tree climbing, periodic PPE inspections and even for the internationally recognized IRATA training...

Support for vocational training of employees II

SINGING ROCK in cooperation with SVT Consulting enables companies to be trained for work at heights from the POVEZ II subsidy programme.

Take the chance to provide your employees with professional training courses co-financed by the ESF, OPZ and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

The project reimburses 100% of the employees' super gross wages for the duration of the training and reimburses 85% of the training (the company's contribution is 15%). The project can be used for Class 1 and Class 2 work at height training, Periodic Inspection of PPE, Tree climbing training and even for the internationally recognised IRATA training.

In case of interest and for more information, please contact SVT Consulting:

Lubomír Machálka 
mobil +420 777 272 500