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Singing Rock STEEL 23

Check out the results and photos from Singing Rock STEEL, the rope access competition which took place at our training centre in Kladno on the weekend of 10-12 November 2023.

Singing Rock STEEL 23

👨‍🚀🚀 SPACE is the area outside Earth's atmosphere, where the planets and the stars are. It is uncertain whether its size is finite or infinite, but in any case, there is plenty of room for a lot of fun. That's what the participants in this year's Singing Rock STEEL rope access competition found out. Space was the main theme of this event, which over the years has established itself as an open Czech championship in industrial climbing with a wide international participation. The competition took place at training facilities for rope access technicians POLYGON Singing Rock and a climbing gym attached to it, in the industrial part of the town of Kladno (25km from Prague).

Competitors had to repair rockets, eliminate black holes or shoot down dangerous asteroids with lasers. All this using their wit, strength and industrial climbing skills. It was a joy to behold. The event brought together old friends but there were new faces as well. We received complimentary responses from many sides and we have to say that even from the organizers' point of view it was one of the most successful editions. Congratulations again to the winners and thanks to all the competitors for their participation and the great atmosphere. Your performances were amazing! Take care, keep training and see you next year! 🖖

1 Klára Kašparová (CZE)
2 Spicky Dendorfer-Buhr (GER)
3 Ania Pielaszkiewicz (POL)

1 Vince Kovacs (HUN)
2 Kajetan Ginter (POL)
3 Marek Proba (GER)

Petr Ledvina & Klára Kašparová

1 Hexa training center 1 (HUN)
2 Climbing Service Team Red (POL)

Best costume
Sebastian Leliveldt (GER)

complete results

Next year again in November in Kladno, we are already looking forward to it!