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POLYGON Partners Czech Republic, Slovakia

In response to the growing interest in POLYGON's training programs, Singing Rock has established cooperation with other training centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
POLYGON Partners Czech Republic, Slovakia

In addition to the POLYGON Singing Rock centres in Poniklá and Kladno, training courses can also be taken at our partners in Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary and Stupava in Slovakia. The uniform training system for work at heights and above free depth created by our trainers is thus available in more places in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Polygons in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Polygon Partner Brno (CZ)

    Polygon Partner Brno (CZ)

    It is located in an industrial area, in the premises of a former cement factory, which thanks to its height of more than 23 m allows the creation of various model situations for working at heights and rescue training.


    Slaměníkova 23b
    614 00 Brno

    Ivo Hrdina
    tel.: +420 605 522 351

  • Polygon Partner Ostrava (CZ)

    Polygon Partner Ostrava (CZ)

    A training centre built in the unique environment of the Hlubina mine in Ostrava Vítkovice, which offers many model situations for working at heights and above free depth, regardless of bad weather.


    Lower Vítkovice area / Area of the former Hlubina mine
    Mining engine roome
    703 00 Ostrava

    Ondřej Marynčák
    tel.: +420 733 779 168

  • Polygon Partner Karlovy Vary (CZ)

    Polygon Partner Karlovy Vary (CZ)

    Polygon Partner Karlovy Vary was established in the premises of the climbing wall KV Stena (open since 2019) in Karlovy Vary, Dvory. It is a space allowing health and safety training for work at heights and above free depth. It provides a place for training in work at height or simulation of rescue operations for those interested not only from this region.


    Kpt. Jaroše 376/3
    360 06 Karlovy Vary

    Jaroslav Pašek
    tel.: +420 605 268 633

  • Polygon Partner Stupava (SK)

    Polygon Partner Stupava (SK)

    Slovak Polygon Partner offers a very wide range of training for work at heights. The training centre is located 20 km north of Bratislava. Theoretical but mainly practical knowledge can be acquired and improved here by high-rise workers, tree climbers or PPE inspectors. In addition to training, it also offers complex services for the safety of people working at heights (analysis of risks at the workplace, design and installation of a suitable safety system, development of a methodology for movement and work at the workplace, sale of personal protective equipment against falls, periodic inspections of equipment).


    POLYGONY, s. r. o.
    Malacká 10031, 900 31 Stupava

    Jana Oravcová
    tel.: +421 903 564 844