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Lukáš Neklan

Polygon Manager

nickname LukyN
at POLYGON since 2009
+420 775 282 062

Lukáš Neklan

at POLYGON I specialize on

  • training for work at heights and above free depth
  • training for periodic inspections of fall protection equipment
  • testing and development of PPE
  • periodic inspections of PPE
  • OHS procedures for working at heights
  • organising professional seminars, workshops, competitions 

Acquired qualifications

  • Qualified person for periodic inspection of PPE
  • IRATA Level 3
  • First aid and rescue course
  • Person qualified to carry out visual tests on steel structures
  • European Tree Worker certificate
  • Training to work with portable motorized tools (chainsaw, etc.) 
  • training for working with forklift trucks 
  • certificate Tier
  • Member of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)


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