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First Aid and Rescue

First aid and rescue courses for people work at heights.
First Aid and Rescue
Certificate validity 12 months
Number of participants 8 max(minimum 5 participants)
Duration 8 hours(1 day)
Output certificate(successful graduates will receive a certificate 2-3 weeks after the training)
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First aid and rescue course for workers at height, focused on training in dealing with immediate life-threatening conditions and situations that must be resolved before the arrival of the rescue service.

The First Aid and Rescue course is only open to climbers who have already completed Class 1 training.

Content of training

  • Practical part

    The training is as practical as possible and takes place in a real situation. The main part of this course is implemented in the form of experiential learning. No classroom sessions and lengthy explanations. Practice, practice and practice again. The skills acquired are immediately tested and consolidated by the trainees during realistic practice simulations and rescues with real patients. This course will prepare you for situations where is no time to waste...

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