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Evacuation from Cableways

Training for ropeway operators and IRS units
Evacuation from Cableways
Certificate validity 12 months
One trainer 10 participants max
Duration 7 hours(1 day)
Output certificate, ID card with photo, scripts
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The training is focused on safe movement at heights on ski resort facilities and evacuation from ropeways.

Target group of training

  • ski resort staff
  • ropeway operators
  • mountain rescue service
  • IRS

Target objects of operation:

  • chairlifts and ropeway cabin

Content of training

  • Theoretical part

    Legislation within the EU and the Czech Republic (Government Regulation No. 362/2005 Coll., Labour Code and other related regulations), risk analysis, first aid (prevention, first aid, first aid kits, communication with the IRS), familiarisation with the evacuation plan

  • Theoretical exam

    written test

  • Practical part

    1. familiarization with the use of PPE in the given scope of training for evacuation from the ropeway, OHS at the workplace (warning tape, high-visibility clothing, helmet), securing when moving on constructions and ladders, on elevated platforms, securing against falling and falling over, securing against falling when moving on the columns of the ropeway, techniques for moving on ropeway structures, evacuation techniques, securing tools and climbing material when work above free depth, basic rope-tying techniques, basic techniques for pulling and lowering persons and equipment, securing by fall arrest systems
    2. first aid - prevention, resuscitation, basic bandage techniques, stopping bleeding, recovery position, anti-shock measures, thermal comfort, hypothermia, frostbite, working with first aid kit
    3. evacuation from the ropeway
  • Practical exam

    according to the scope of the practical part, independent safe movement at heights, team evacuation from the ropeway

Take with you

  • solid ankle boots
  • work clothing
  • gloves
  • snack
  • Own PPE (not required; complete equipment is lent free of charge during the training)

Other training options

in case of training at the client's workplace, transport 15 CZK/km without VAT is added in the case of an individual date, the price is by agreement




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